On “DredgeWire” – October, 30th 2018

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In 2008 Kiasma Group introduced the KFC System in to the HDPE discharge pipes Market developed to the dredging Sector.

In 10 years these pipes have been used in Shipyards in Latin America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and India.

Even today, in 2018 we keep receiving, many letters of appreciation in reference to the benefits that KFC procuces both for mixtures of sand, gravel, rocks and corals.

With the KFC System the entire inner surface of the pipe is subjected to a uniform abrasion, with evident benefit of the pipe life time.

Furthermore is not longer necessary to use labor force to rotate the pipe, which usually occurs during the dredging operations.


Analysis accordin to the principles of RANS (Reynolds Averaged Navier Stokes).

Setting an initial mixture speed of V = 4 m/s, assuming a percentage of mixture from 10% to 30% that in a steel pipe tends to deposit reducing the pipe surface, there is an increase of speed from 4 to 5,73 m/s.

With the speed increase also the pressure loss increases.

Analyzing two pipes with the same diameters, in a steel pipe with a linear mixture flow and with an average sedimentation of 20%, the pressure loss

in 33% higher than the same pipe diameter in HDPE with Kiasma KFC System.