Kiasma® Srl ( Italian Company ), World leader in the production of HDPE Discharge Systems for the Dredging Sector, is now able to manage orders that involve important and financially significant quantities of materials to be produced and delivered, thanks to the establishment of Kiasma® Group Srl and its members.

Kiasma® Group Srl has 24 extrusion Lines for HDPE Pipes (up to OD 1200 mm), with factories in Italy and America, a modern technologically advanced laboratory, an Engineering Team made up of Geologists, Hydraulic Engineers able to provide Welding and Training services on site and a qualified and modern production plant of Floats for HDPE or Steel Pipes, for the Dredging Sector.

We are able to meet the requirements of large Contractors, Port Authorities, Government Ministries, while maintaining the same high quality policy with a constant focus on Research and Development of Materials, always with total respect for the environment.

The Kiasma® Group Srl continues to expand by delocalizing production units, successfully entering into commercial agreements in strategic areas of the World, in order to provide customers with a service at competitive costs always with the supervision of the Technical Management and the know-how of Kiasma® Group Srl.


Link on DredgeWire, posted September 26, 2019: