KIASMA is committed to a sustainable environment by providing solutions, environmentally friendly technologies for the recycling of materials and for the safety of products on site as part of its commitment to respecting and protecting the environment, expressed through the implementation of an environmental management system structured in accordance with UNI EN ISO 14001. Our employees are our most valuable resource constantly giving them trainings.

We are committed to provide quality services and products in all of our business activities: ethic without compromise and environmental awareness. We are committed to support the environment in a sector

Where goods manufactures must meet global demand for recycling and disposal.

KIASMA's proven leadership is able to lead with integrity, competence and creativity. This allows us to improve continuously our responsibility being an example to for all the others.



The European Green Deal establishes an action plan aimed to:

-             Promote an efficient use of the resources and to move towards a model of circular economy.

-             Restore the biodiversity and to reduce pollution.

Kiasma seeks to transform linear production systems into circular systems, incentivizing the recycle of materials.

In a logic of circular economy, KIASMA materials are designed, so as to predict from the beginning their recycling.

The recycling process consists in their fine shredding and the formation of new granules, that can be used in the moulding of new products.

ABRASION REDUCTION - KFC © Dredging System inside the pipe

The CFD analysis (Computational Fluid Dynamics), show the fluid-dynamic behavior of the mixture inside the  pipes applying and optimizing the KFC system.

The application of the KFC system makes the mixture flowing inside the  pipe subjected to two motions:
- Radial flow ( the mixture rotates along the circumference )
- Axial flow ( the mixture flows in the center of the pipe )

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BARRIER for Defence type "KSD" & for Security type "KSDB"

Working in a team with highly specialized engineers in the marine sector with the synergy of Universities, Designers, Hydraulic Physicists, led to the creation of floats such as security and defense barriers KSDB (Kiasma Security and Defense Barrier).

The barrier is made up of floats with a standard diameter of 1250 mm + tips of 1450 mm, connected together with an stainless steel rotating joint which allows a free rotation of 360°. Anchor points are placed in avarage every 20-25m.
The floats are produced in two versions:
1. Type KSB = barrier for Defence;
2. Type KSDB = barrier for Defence and Security

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