On DREDGING TODAY – October, 5th 2018

Image source: Kiasma

Kiasma Group, an Italian manufacturer of HDPE pipes, floats and systems specialized for the dredging sector, has just introduced their unique product – HDPE Pontoons for Dredging Steel and HDPE Pipes.

These HDPE pontoons are made in polyethylene – not produced with the usual materials, with no other company producing pontoons in this material, said Kiasma.

Pontoons get heavy from the waves, which by their nature are characterized by four parameters: height, period, direction and length of the wave.

Image source: Kiasma

The fourth and most fundamental parameter is the wave length, which – in addition to depending on the first three – also depends on the depth of the seabed.

All the energy of the wave motion breaks on the walls of the pontoons and for this reason, they must be produced with a high mechanical stability, said Kiasma.

Technical data – Impact force

– Safety coefficient – 1.3;

– Density mixture – 2.2 t/m³;

– Dragging frontal force at 6 Kn speed and Tp. (S) = 3-4;

– Lateral force – Wave force with Tp. (S) = 3-4;

– High resistance to wave up to 1.5 m. height for single pontoon (evaluated risk for frontal and lateral waves overturning);

– The buoyancy is guaranteed by plugged and break – wave HDPE pipes (2 or 4 pipes) 5m length, OD 630 – 1000 – 1200 made with three watertight parts.

Image source: Kiasma

New HDPE Pontoons from Kiasma