KIASMA® Group Srl (Italy) is pursuing the strategy of delocalizing in strategic areas of the World.                                                                     

KIASMA® Group Srl (Italy) and PRAN-RFL Group (Bangladesh) are is successfully entering into commercial agreement, with  local  production units,  thus  contributing    to the   growth  for the  economy of the area.

Together, KIASMA® Group Srl and PRAN-RFL Group will  provide  customers  with excellent local service  and   reduced transport costs.   KIASMA® Group Srl   provide  training  and   supervision on the sites for the proper use of HDPE discharge lines.

PRAN- RFL Group,   Leader  in  the  thermoplastic   industry and producer of  HDPE pipes and KIASMA® Group Srl, World  Leader in  the dredging  sector, signed  in  September 2019  an International Agreement to serve the dredging market in Bangladesh.

 PRAN-RFL Group:

° R&D Department

° Industrial parks of 500.000 sq meters

° 250 extruders machine for plastics materials and HDPE pipes

Kiasma Group Srl:

° EngineeringLayout of HDPE discharge lines-Focus on Sediment mineralogy-Abrasion-pipe life

° HDPE pipes production

° Floats production for HDPE or steel pipes

° Welding and on site training


Kiasma Group Srl and PRAN-RLF Group, work in synergy to serve the dredging market in Bangladesh. We are able to satisfy the requests of small/medium/large Contractors, Port Authorities, Government  Ministries, while  maintaining  the same  high quality  solutions with a  constant focus on Research and Development with respecting for the environment.