On 23rd December 2021, KIASMA (Italy) and Muna Noor Manufacturing and Trading LLC (Oman) signed an agreement to collaborate and work together in the dredging sector by applying modern technologies and producing environmentally sustainable materials that reduce environmental impact and reduce CO2 emissions.

KIASMA is already applying these technologies satisfactorily in Europe and the United States.

The collaboration with Muna Noor is strategic for the Middle East and Asian markets.

Before the agreement, Kiasma technicians had the opportunity to visit Muna Noor factories, to meet their technical staff, and they found a great professionalism and technical expertise in the production of multilayer thermoplastic pipes. This will ensure that KNN33_4.0® pipes can be produced in Oman and therefore the technology can be brought to the whole Arab/Asian area in a very short time.

The products that Kiasma and Muna Noor are able to produce ranges from nominal diameters of 280 to 1200 mm for lengths up to 18 m.

Kiasma has already been operating in the dredging sector for many years in the Arab/Asian areas and is recognised for its economic and environmental contribution due to the application of its patented technologies.

Governments (international MoU), Authorities and private companies rely on Kiasma as professional in the sector.


The presence of KIASMA for the Baltic and Russian markets is guaranteed already from 2021 with the production in Macedonia, while for Europe, North Africa and America, the historical collaboration with the Italian company Idrotherm 2000 continues, with which Kiasma has already been producing and delivering KNN33_4.0® pipes for years.


“When passion and talent meet innovation, progress comes to life”.


The signing ceremony was attended by:

On behalf of Muna Noor Manufacturing and Trading LLC:

Mr. Ahmed Al Barwani – Group Chief Executive Officer.
Mr. B S Pai – Vice President
Mr. Piyush Agarwal – Group Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Piyush Saurav –Sales Manager

On behalf of  KIASMA:

Mr. Enrico Crotti – Founder and Board Member
Ms. Martina Crotti – Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Renzo Taffarello – Board Member