The conveying of the fluids under pressure in the discharge networks takes place in a way defined as "linear motion".
When the fluid is flowing within the network, the slope of the line energy decreases more steeply due to the deposit of the transported material on the bottom of the pipe.
The linear motion is characterized by the formation of a bed that causes a localized abrasion on the bottom of the pipe with a consequent problems of durability of the pipeline ( as per abrasion test conducted in accordance with EN 295-3. )


The application of the KFC SYSTEM makes the mixture flowing inside the pipe subjected to two motions:

- Radial flow ( the mixture rotates along the circumference )
- Axial flow ( the mixture flows in the center of the pipe )

The radial motion obtained by the KFC System forces the mixture to rotate along the entire circumference of the pipe. ( Mixture of medium and large sizes )
The axial motion transports in suspension the mixture consisting in small particles (sand - clay - mud - gravel / rock / fine coral).

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