Thanks to expertise in the field of thermoplastic polymers applied to the polyethylene extrusion process in form of pipes, we set ourselves the goal to be the global leader in pipeline supplies applied to the dredging and marine sector.
HDPE pipes have many beneficial features, such as light weight, flexibility, excellent curvability and resistance to abrasion and well-suited for marine applications.
Thanks to an integrated management system (quality, environment and safety) aimed at the continuous improvement and monitoring of its processes KIASMA produces of HDPE pipes of big diameters and high pressures for marine applications.

- Diameters: from OD8” to OD 48’’
- Pressure : from 3 bar (43PSI) to 20 bar (290 PSI)

The use of HDPE pipes in the dredging sector has become large-scale.
It is important to produce pipes with physical, chemical and mechanical characteristics that meet the needs of the sector.

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